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Welcome to con fides Psychologists Sydney, the new home for the practice of Dr Lissa Johnson & Associates.

Our approach to therapy is informed by ongoing developments in psychological knowledge and research, and is caring and sensitive to your individual needs.

We offer in-person appointments in Sydney, as well as well as telehealth(phone or web-based video appointments) for clients all around Australia. If you have a GP referral to a psychologist,Medicare rebates apply, of up to $136.35 per session for up to 10 sessions per year.

Appointments can be booked by calling us on 02 9331 0756, or by contact us We are happy to answer any questions you may have before making an appointment.

All our psychologists have a postgraduate degree in Psychology and are registered with the Psychology Board of Australia. We offer a wide range of areas of expertise and experience.

Therapy, counselling and treatment for a variety of issues, including:

Couples therapy
Trauma and childhood trauma
Self Esteem
Migration and relocation issues
Workplace issues
Dealing with health difficulties
Grief and bereavement
Eating disorders
Drug and alcohol problems
Sexual difficulties
Life difficulties and transitions

Learn more about the range of issues we can help you with.

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Couple Therapy and Counselling

In addition to treating mental health conditions and providing counselling and therapy to individuals, a strong area of expertise in our practice is relationship counselling and couple therapy. We provide relationship counselling to both individuals and couples to help them resolve conflict, heal wounds, better understand their relationship patterns and improve their relationships. 

Clnical Psychologists Sydney

We are a practice of Clinical Psychologists and counsellors in the Sydney CBD. We provide therapy for difficulties ranging from mental health conditions, entrenched life patterns, loss, grief or trauma, to helping people navigate life transitions, improve their relationships, deal with challenges, or enhance their effectiveness and wellbeing. One key difference between Clinical Psychologists and other therapists or counsellors is that in addition to providing general counselling and therapy, a Clinical Psychologist is qualified to provide diagnosis and treatment of mental health condiotions.
If you are suffering from a mental health condition, such as major depression or anxiety or other psychological difficulties that interfere significantly with your life, you are likely to be eligible for Medicare rebates.

Clients Outside Sydney

If you are based outside Sydney or NSW, in an area with restricted access to Clinical Psychologists or counsellors, or are confined to home, whether due to Covid or other reasons, we offer telephone or web-based appointments.