Fees and Rebates

Our consultation fee ranges appear in the table below. For after-hours appointments a $10 surcharge applies. (After hour appointments are Saturday appointments and appointments outside 9am-5pm weekdays).

We do not charge any additional fees for couples therapy.

Please refer to “The Practice” tab above, click on “Our Psychologists and Counsellors” page and then click on the name of the Psychologist for more information on their profile and consultation fee.

Standard 50-60 minute
Medicare Rebate*
Clinical Psychologists$230$141.85
*Medicare Rebates apply if you have a referral from your GP with a Mental Health Care Plan.

Medicare rebates are available for psychological treatment of eligible mental health conditions with psychologists. You will be able to claim a proportion of your fees from Medicare if you have a referral with a “Mental Health Care Plan” (MHCP) from your GP. With a MHCP, Medicare will reimburse up to $141.85 per session for up to 10 sessions per calendar year.

Alternatively, a proportion of your fees may be redeemable from your private health insurance, depending on your health plan.

Fees for sessions with counsellors are $200 during office hours, with a $10 surcharge for after-hours appointments. As counselling appointments concern general distress, life difficulties and wellbeing, rather than treatment of clinical conditions, they do not attract Medicare rebates.

Appointments are typically 50-60 minutes. During your initial appointment your psychologist or counsellor will aim to gain a detailed understanding of you and your needs, which is important so that subsequent sessions are relevant and helpful to you.

We welcome your questions and enquiries. Please feel free to contact us with any questions that you may have.

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