Sexual Difficulties

Understanding Sexual Difficulties and Seeking Help

Although it is rarely openly discussed, sexual difficulties are common, and can have a substantial impact on wellbeing and relationships. Many sexual difficulties involve psychological factors, sometimes in combination with a medical component, depending on the issue and the individual. From a psychological point of view, many sexual difficulties are related to individual issues or concerns, such as performance anxiety or self esteem, while other sexual difficultes are more related to dynamics in relationships. Most sexual difficulties involve a combination of inidividual and relationship factors.

Seeking help for sexual difficulties and enquiring about sex therapy can be particularly difficult. Nervousness, embarrassment, and uncertainty about where to turn prevent many people from making use of the supports that are available. This is unfortunate, because many sexual difficulties are very amenable to psychological input. A psychologist with expertise in sexual issues can help you to learn what drives the problems that you are experiencing, and can provide you with knowldge, skills and strageies to help you change.

Common sexual difficulties include: loss of libido or desire for sex, lack of sexual enjoyment, difficulty experiencing orgasm, fear of sex, body image issues related to intimacy, erectile diffiuclties, compulsive sexual behaviours, pain, performance anxiety, mismatched sex drives in a relationship, or differences in sexual preferences.

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