Kim Stevens / Morley

Psychologist with experience in Relationships, Anxiety, and Perinatal Psychology

Kim’s qualifications include Bachelor of Arts in Psychology and a Postgraduate Diploma in Psychology. She has been a Registered Psychologist for over 20 years.

Kim draws on a range of varied experience providing counselling, therapy and psychological services across different settings, including private practice, case management in rehabilitation, aged care and disability services, and human resources. She is passionate about working with adults with various challenges to help them identify and meet their goals and increase their happiness and fulfilment.

Kim has a special interest in relationships, anxiety and stress, grief, coping with change and recurrent life patterns. She has specialist training in non- directive counselling and perinatal psychology.

With respect to relationships, Kim enjoys helping individuals to build on strengths, identify unhelpful patterns and grow in relationships. Kim is dedicated to empowering her clients to recognise their potential and to identify their values, to support them in working towards a richer more fulfilling life.

Kim’s interest in perinatal psychology stems from a passion to help support women and men through what can be an intense life stage that brings with it vast changes on many levels.

In addition to her foundational training which included CBT, REBT and hypnotherapy, Kim has undertaken further training in neuropsychotherapy, or the integration of neuroscience in therapeutic practice, including the neuroscience of anxiety, stress and the neuroscience of relationships.

Kim has also undertaken training in Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT) which employs mindfulness, a state of openness and awareness that is an evidence based therapeutic approach to bringing about long-lasting change.

Kim draws on this range of therapeutic techniques and approaches to best meet her clients’ needs, and help them to achieve change that is meaningful and relevant to them. She revolves her work around getting to know each person as a unique individual, with kindness and sensitivity towards their personal plight, and focus to their unique strengths and potential.

Kim is fully registered with the Australian Health Practitioner Regulation Agency (AHPRA) and has been a member of the Australian Psychological Society (APS) since 1997.

Phone: Sydney (02) 9331 0756 or 0412 593 773 
Address: Suite 517, 185 Elizabeth St Sydney