Anneke Porter Heubeck

Anneke has a Bachelor of Science in Psychology with Honours from the Australian National University and a Masters of Teaching (Counselling) from the University of Sydney. She is a fully registered as a general psychologist with the Psychology Board of Australia.

Anneke has worked for over 12 years in mental health in various roles and a variety of settings including schools (preschool to year 12), specialist schools for children with mental health issues and multiple community organisations focused on national well-being initiatives, drug rehabilitation and disability advocacy.

In her work as a psychologist, Anneke genuinely enjoys getting to know people and their stories, working together to deepen their self-understanding, awareness of any unhelpful patterns and move towards a fulfilling life.

Anneke has experience helping people with anxiety, depression, traumatic experiences in adulthood, childhood trauma, sleep problems, disordered eating behaviours, grief & loss, relationships, adjustment to change, self-worth and understanding life patterns. Anneke is welcoming of the LGBTQAI+ community and sex positive.

In her work with anxiety, Anneke enjoys helping people to overcome their anxiety in areas ranging from generalised anxiety to specific fears and phobias, panic attacks, performance anxiety, social anxiety, public speaking and more.

With respect to depression, Anneke understands that mood difficulties can take very different forms in different people, from feeling sub-par and lacklustre to feeling overwhelmed with hopelessness and despair. Anneke helps her clients to regain their enjoyment, motivation and spark by working to address the specific causes of depression that are at work in their lives, whether situational, internal, historical or all three.

Anneke also enjoys helping people to identify the broader themes run through their difficulties, to help them achieve lasting improvements to their relationships, coping patterns and self-worth, as well as overcoming more immediate suffering and distress. Sometimes these patterns may have their origins in trauma, and other times they may have arisen through a combination of life experiences, learning history and personal style.

With all of her clients, Anneke’s approach to therapy is collaborative, warm and empowering. She first meets with people to understand their story, the challenges they face as well as their unique qualities and strengths. She then tailors her therapeutic approach to the unique personality, needs and wishes of each client.

She is experienced in multiple therapeutic approaches including cognitive behaviour therapy, acceptance and commitment therapy, narrative therapy and schema therapy to support people to live their lives in a way that works for them.

Anneke is fully registered with the Psychology Board of Australia and is a member of the Australian Psychological Society.

Phone: Sydney (02) 9331 0756 
Address: Suite 517, 185 Elizabeth St Sydney