Cristina Wildt

Couple Therapist and Counsellor

Cristina completed a degree in Law/legal and Social Sciences at Pontifïcia Universidade Católica do Rio Grande do Sul (Brazil), and entered the field of Psychology as a career change from Real Estate. She has training and experience as a counsellor and couple therapist, and is currently undertaking her Bachelor of Psychological Science degree. She brings a richness of life experience to her work, and is committed to lifelong learning.

Cristina has a special interest in relationship issues and couples therapy, and works within an Integrative Couple Therapy framework. This approach balances couples’ needs for acceptance from one another and their need for change in the relationship. In her couples work Cristina takes an empathic, respectful, non-judgmental stance, and creates a safe and respectful therapeutic environment in which partners can address their problems in new ways. She helps couples to understand the underlying causes of their problems, to resolve their destructive relationship dynamics, and to effectively communicate and respond to each other’s emotions and needs, so that they can rekindle closeness.

Cristina has trained as a crisis counsellor, and has worked for several years helping people through life crises, transition, change and adversity, including with respect to mental health, mood and anxiety difficulties, relationship issues, suicidality, grief and loss, abuse, trauma and addiction.

In addition to crisis intervention, Cristina’s counselling training has included Domestic and Family Violence, Suicide Intervention Strategies Training, Mental Health First Aid and working with Non-suicidal Self Injury.

Cristina also enjoys working with teenagers and young people, to help them deal with a wide range of issues, in a spirit of appreciation of the difficulties as well as opportunities that adolesence and young adulthood bring. She is sensitive to the challenges and demands on both young people and their parents, and takes a keen and genuine interest in who each young person is, and what they need and want from therapy.

Cristina’s other key areas of interest include cross-cultural issues, migration and relocation, depression and mood difficulties, emotional regulation, and difficulties coping with life challenges.

Cristina is familiar with the dilemma of mixed emotions that comes with cross-cultural and migration issues. She is sensitive to the diversity of circumstances that have led to such a life change. Nostalgia, regret and fear of the unknown and uncertainty are common emotions throughout the process of adapting to life in a new country. She understands the impact of the practical, every day tasks and the underlying emotional experiences that can affect one’s wellbeing. Throughout this transition she helps people to minimise the anguish and enhance their equilibrium and sense of emotional security and stability, so that they can emotionally prosper and thrive.

Cristina also enjoys helping people to harness the potential for growth, strength and meaning during periods of crisis, difficulty and change. She facilitates the process of becoming aware of their own skills, abilities and talents that can be naturally and organically drawn upon to overcome life barriers.

Cristina believes in a client-focused approach. She supports individuals and couples through distress, change and difficulty with connection, compassion and hope.

Cristina abides by the Code of Conduct for Non-registered Health Practitioners.

Phone: Sydney (02) 9331 0756 
Address: Suite 517, 185 Elizabeth St Sydney